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Sisters of Notre Dame

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His work. Our pictures.

The world around us is alive with the miracles of God’s hand.
From the tiniest ant, to the tallest mountain,
everything is a testament to His love.
And we are honored to be able to share with you the

Reflections of His Love.

Notre Dame Creations

Within each of our hearts, there is a place reserved for only Him. Some find it easily, others need a little help. And so Notre Dame Creations was born, to inspire humankind with the message of God's love. And to help remind us that He is all around us, in everything we see and do.


Sisters of Notre Dame

The Sisters of Notre Dame were founded in 1850 in Germany.  Today, our members are ministering all over the world. And though we each may walk on different roads, we share a common path and, in imitation of Our Lady, follow Christ.


Our ministries have focused on the spiritual, educational, and humanitarian needs of our community. We have joyfully taught the young, nursed the sick, and assisted the poor. And through our pastoral and social work, we have touched the souls of those who have seemed to have been forgotten by all but Him. And so, by doing His work, we have made our greatest dream come true: to share with others our love of God, and our trust in His goodness and provident care.


Sisters for the Third Millennium

There was a time when young women, having heard the call, knew what path was theirs to take. Today, with such busy lives, we fear those who are being called are having trouble hearing. Perhaps their way is blocked by obstacles. But we, through the love of God, have learned there are no challenges that can't be overcome. If not by one person, then by many.


What path is meant for you? 

Only you can decide. Shut your ears to the world, and open your heart. And perhaps you'll discover you have your path already before you in the light of God's love.





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